Spawell Wellness Collective
Sport Massage

Sport massage is style of massage specifically designed to address the concerns of both athletes and active persons. This type of massage enables clients to attain their highest potential by accelerating the body's natural restorative processes and enables the client to participate more often in rigorous physical training and conditioning. Serious athletes will appreciate that Sport Massage can improve their ability to perform while reducing the incidence of lost time from injury and fatigue. What's more, receiving Sport Massage on a regular basis can extend the overall span of an athlete's career.

What should I expect in a Sport Massage at Spawell?

Many of the fundamental techniques of Sport Massage are identical with the techniques we use during a Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage. In the interest of optimal results, the pace and rhythm of your Sport Massage will be more accelerated than what you may be used to in a more traditional massage session.  We use a combination of the following techniques: 

1. Trigger-Point Pressure Release- purposeful compression strokes and deep pressure are used to deactivate tender points.

2. Cross-Fiber-Friction- manipulation and rubbing of muscles, tendons, and ligaments at a 90 degree angle; softens, prevents, and reduces scar tissue.

3. Muscle Energy Techniques MET or Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation PNF- combination of active joint movement and stretching exercises to increase flexibility, reduce muscle spasm, and restore muscle strength.

4. Lymph massage- circular massage techniques are applied more proximal to the body and then purposefully moved further distally to the extremities. The result is channeled pathways are created which enhance fluid movement and reduce swelling.

5. Contrast Therapy- alternating application of heat and cold. This is one of the most effective methods of increasing local circulation. Relieves stiffness and pain from trauma and stimulates healing of injury and wounds (Ice and gel packs are used for cold treatments while hot stones, Synergy Stones®, steam towels, and hydrocollator packs are used for hot treatments).

Overall, your Spawell therapist will work to stretch and broaden key muscles, tendons, ligaments and muscle groups as a whole in an effort to bring more oxygen and nutrients to those areas. We look for fibrous bands, knots, and stress points and address these problem areas with thoughtfully-planned combinations of techniques described above.

It is important to understand that no two sessions are exactly the same. We will take the time to review your Intake form and  resultant SOAP Notes to plan for each visit. 

Key Benefits of Sport Massage:

1. More oxygen and nutrients necessary for growth and repair are available to the body area being massaged

2. Stimulates venous circulation and lymph drainage to flush out metabolic wastes of exertion quickly

3. Stretches and broadens muscles, tendons, and ligaments

4. Reduces muscle spasm

5. Helps realign collagen fibers that are formed as a result of injury to produce a strong, flexible scar

6. Encourages better performance and reduces chance of injury

7. Allows athlete to reach peak performance sooner and sustain it longer

8. Improves flexibility, allowing muscles to respond more quickly and powerfully

9. Greatly reduces muscle stiffness from excess metabolite buildup, rejuvenating muscles quicker after intense workouts or events

10. Prepare for the exertion of all-out competition such as marathons, bicycle competitions, and school athletics with Pre-Event Massage

11. Normalize tissues and relax the athlete after competition with Post-Event Massage

12. Recover from injury more quickly with less chance of re-injury with Rehabilitation Massage

13. Extends overall span of the athlete's career


30 minutes $60

60 minutes $90

90 minutes $120

120 minutes $150