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Phuong Tran, LMT

1. Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Massachusetts and Florida

2. Certified Reflexologist and Member of Reflexology Association of America

3. Advanced Training in Oncology Massage Therapy and Member of Society for Oncology Massage

4. Graston Technique Certified

5. Myofascial Cupping Practitioner Certified 

6. Kinesiology Taping Practitioner Certified


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Tara Haidaichuk, LMT

Tara worked in the healthcare industry for over 15 years prior to transitioning to the more hands-on complementary side of care in 2015.  She became aware of her interest in massage after witnessing first-hand  that the primary reason driving so many patients into doctors' offices were complaints of muscular and structural pain somewhere in the body. She did not know it at the time but with this newfound perspective her path as a massage therapist had already been set in motion.
Tara is an amazing addition to the Spawell tribe. She is highly proficient with hands-on manual therapy and is Graston Technique Certified. If you are looking for an intuitive, approachable, and compassionate therapist then look no further! 

1. Licensed Massage Therapist in the state of Massachusetts 

2. Graston Technique Certified

Nancy Sheena Sarles

Sheena Nancy Sarles is a Holistic Life Coach, a Yoga Instructor, creator of Yoga for Living with Loss™, founder of GYG Organic Facial and Body Serums™ and a dedicated student and practitioner of seeking well-being in body, mind, and spirit. She is the author of the newly released “Growing Younger Gracefully: Your Guide to Aging with Vitality, Resilience, and Pizzazz.” We are thrilled to have Sheena as part of our Tribe here at Spawell. We welcome you to attend a Meditation Journey with Sheena. The next event will be Meditation with the Chakras - the Seven Wheels of Light on Thursday, November 7th from 6-7pm.


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