Spawell Wellness Collective
Client Forms

All first-time clients will be asked to fill out a brief intake form before any treatment begins. This will help us to know a little more about you so that we can tailor the session to you specifically. We will ask questions to see what we can help with as far as what may be going on that day or something more long term. Perhaps an injury or a more chronic condition.

Spawell Intake Form

Oncology Massage Intake Form

Oncology Physician's Release Form

To more accurately pin-point your problem areas, we have a body map that lists and locates the muscles of the body. The map breaks down the muscle groups into the following categories: Arm, Hip/Leg, Chest, Foot, Neck, Head, Lower Leg, and Back. We find some clients are better able to communicate their symptoms during the intake-phase when there is a visual aid helping them. 

Body Map for Clients